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Nimses App That Pays For Life Now in Nigeria

Nimses App That Pays For Life Launch In Nigeria 

What is Nimses? 
Nimses is a location-based mobile application that pays you digital coins — nims. It has already become popular in the USA and Europe. The audience is growing very fast. In the first five days after the launch, the app reached 1 million users. It made it to the top applications on AppStore and Google play in many countries.
How It Works

For every minute you’re active in Nimses, you earn 1 nim (nims are Nimses’ internal currency; estimated worth is about 1,000 nims to the dollar). You can transfer nims to other users, accept nims, and earn and spend extra nims by performing certain actions such as getting people to like your photos, and liking theirs. The developers stated that it would be possible to use nims to pay for actual goods outside of the app, 
You can register yourself in Nimses with a mobile phone number. After that, it’s a pretty normal social media sign-up process requiring nickname, real name, date of birth, city, and gender. Also, you can add information about yourself and a profile picture. 
Once you’ve registered, you can publish several pictures free. Visitors who would like to get to know you can see those pictures. After that publishing a picture that will be visible to everyone within 2 km (1.2 miles) costs 100 nims. You can check out pictures of users around you and tap on the “Like” button for 10 nims and up.

Android HERE  or  2nd link  HERE


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