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MTN Unlimited Free Browsing Via Hammer VPN 2019 ✔

Hello guys! MTN free Internet browser has been trending and liked by many among android device users. I believe it’s no longer new to you about the MTN 0.0k free browsing cheat for HTTP Injector and co VPNs that was metered 1GB per SIM per day and later dropped to 50MB daily capped.

Today we introduce to you another VPN app that will enable you to browse unlimitedly free on MTN NG network. Thanks to TunnelGurus for developing such an amazing app. Let’s dive into the matter properly!

With Hammer VPN, you don’t need any ssh account, configuration file or regular routine of renewing or downloading config files to enable it work. All you need is the Hammer VPN and it’s configuration settings.

How To Configure Hammer VPN for MTN Free Browsing 2019 

  • Firstly, Download Hammer VPN here (Rooted and non-rooted devices) 
  • As shown in the image below; erase and type 8080 into Rport, then 9201 into the Lport
  • Select any free server (recommendedly: free servers 5,6,7 or 8)
  • In the next box select UPD and check the box below it,  
  • Then hit the CONNECT button. If server is full, try connecting again till you get connected

Server is often full because many users are on it at the same time, so you must to keep trying to get connect.

You should see a page like the image below if you are connected. 
Each server is capped between 100MB – 500MB. But like we stated above,  you can browse unlimitedly even after exhausting the server daily data limit. See how to continue browsing unlimitedly below 

How To Browse Unlimitedly Using Hammer VPN 

  • After exhausting the server daily data limit, then Uninstall the hammer VPN.
  • Goto your File Manager or File Explorer ▶ Phone or SD Card Storage ▶ Android ▶ HAMMER_TEMP_DIR
  • Delete the content “Hammer.dmp” 
  • Noe exit and install the hammer VPN again. 
  • Launch it and configure it as above
  • Select free server ( 5, 6, 7, or 8)
  • Then click connect. 

 The Hammer VPN should now connect without any warning. Repeat same process again after exceeding the data limit.

Enjoy your free browsing! 


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