Own a Smartphone and Pay in Bits [Device Financing Scheme]

Have you ever need a smartphone so badly and you have none at your possession due to insufficient fund?  Or perhaps you suddenly misplace yours and need it in order to continue the usage or anything you have started but you have no enough financial capacity to go for replacement?

Yes,  with the little money you have you can still get a new phone of your choice and pay in installment. That is nice, right!
Okey let’s dive in.

9mobile Nigeria has made this possible. Now you can get a mobile phone and spread the payment upto 12months. 9mobile  partnered with some financial institutions; keystone Bank for now known as device financing.

Device financing scheme allows a 9mobile customer to purchase any smartphone or tablet of their choice from the 9mobile experience centers and pay in installments over a period.

How can I Get a Smartphone and Pay in Bits?

All you need to do is grab the little money you have and walk into any 9mobile experience center near you to auction for the smartphone you like or you can begin the process from their eshop online here

If you are applying through the eshop, you must select a phone, generate a proforma invoice and take it keystone bank to process.

9mobile will let you know the initial amount you are to pay and how to complete the payment depending on the Android smartphone you choose.

The devices available at the 9mobile eshop includes both Android and Apple. Latest and most popular brands like the Techno and Infinix Smartphones are available as well.

More Glad tidings Some of these smartphones like Infinix Hot 8 Lite also come along with data bunus of 4GB and 100% data bunus on bundle subscription.

This is indeed a welcome offer
Enjoy it!

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