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Opera News Hub Nigeria – Make Over $300 Monthly ( Straight to your Bank Account)

Yes! $300 ( N108, 000) That’s true,  In fact, if you good enough you can make upto $2000 just by writing. Recently between  Nov – Dec of last year  some Opera News hub users earn a bunus $1000 each for having highest number of articles.
 Those with much article engagement too earn $1000 each and $100 bunus to those that have the best articles irrespective of the clicks they had.You too can earn as big as that. It is all about article writing and that is what i am going to share with you on this article. opera promise to pay  you for that.

Opera News Hub is a new media platform that helps authors and bloggers produce and distribute original content while getting discovered by new audiences. It is a free and open platform where everyone can post articles , sharing their opinions and thoughts and get paid.

Everyone can have an account and begin share their thoughts. You can create your Opera News Hub account with your phone number or social media account such as facebook and begin to create contents.

How to Sign Up in Opera News Hub 

Step 1: Sign up!
Goto and click Sign up
If you have Facebook account, you can sign up with it and Log In directly. If you do not have Facebook account, you need to Sign up.
Step 2: After logging in Opera News Hub with Facebook account , first Confirm your login account.
Step3:Perfect your Wemedia Information as request.
It contains Wemedia name, Category, Photo, and Description. We have 18 categories,you can choose one that interests you as your own category.
Step4: Perfect your Representative Information.
You need to write real information about your Name,Valid identification number, Country, Email and Phone Number, otherwise you cannot receive payment from the platform.
Step5: Wait for the review.
After completing the above steps, your account will be reviewed within 24 hours. After passing

Once your account is ready, you can now write article and submit for review before it will be published. Article has to comply with publishing guidelines and It can take upto 3hours for the review process to be completeled

If the article violates rule it will be rejected otherwise published once it approved. Three status are involved ( Pending, Test online, published). Test online simple means your content is under review and it be published  or rejected,  but most ofter test online leads to published.

Opera News Hub Publishing Guidelines

  • Ensure the content is healthy and positive.
  • Content should not contain reactionary, pornographic, violent, bloody, gambling or any other illegal content;
  • Content should not include personal attacks, insults, slanders, etc.
  • Username and image shall not contain ‘Opera’, which is easily misunderstood by users as the official account of opera news
  • Content should not contain advertising information
  • Content should not contain material that violate laws and regulations and do must conform to platform specifications.
  • The content length should be more than 150 words for news contents and 500 words for feature/opinion articles. The article content should be interesting, rich and informative enough, long length articles are preferred.

The following types of articles will be rejected

1.Content violates laws, regulations and relevant policies
2.Pornographic and vulgar content
3.Disgusting, uncomfortable and frightening content
4.Content with AD
5.Content attacking and abusing others
6.Content with improper cover
7.Content with improper Headline. ( Article with all Uppercase letters like HOW TO SIGN UP IN OPERA NEWS HUB NIGERIA). 

The title has wrongly written: fullstop (.) in headline , incorrect spelling ,poorly constructed ,special symbol, full of foreign words, incomplete headline,wrong grammar;
The title has nothing to do with the content;

8.Poorly Edited Content
Typography confusion: no paragraph, no punctuation, no pictures, poor paragraphing/formatting;
Grammar and spelling mistakes: lots of incomplete sentences, lots of spelling and punctuation errors, poor use of tenses ;

9.Outdated content

The event has new progress , but the author is still releasing the information before the update status
There are definite time determiners in the title, such as ‘today’ and ‘this month’. However, the publication time of the article is inconsistent with the limitation.

10.Fake news
More than half of the content in the article is copied from others.

Opera News Hub Earning

How is  the reward calculated? Earning in Opera News Hub is based on two things; Traffic and Engagement bunus. Traffic bonus will be based on how many clicks one article get. While the Engagement bonus  based on how many engagement did your article gets in Opera News platform which is the Share + Comment.

For 1 clicks, the article will get traffic bonus ₦0.036. If your article gets 10,000 clicks, the article will get traffic bunus of ₦360.

Only article with more than 100 engagements will be eligible for the engagement bonus.
For article with more than 100 engagements, it will be paid ₦ 1800 per 100 engagement.
If your article is with less than 100 engagements, the article will not get engagement bonus

Since opera news hub is a big platform, it’s relatively easy to get more than 10,000 clicks within few minutes or hours of publishment. I have seen articles with more than million click and good engagement.

If you have 6 articles with 500k clicks each, total clicks = 6*500000= 3,000,000 clicks. Earning will be = 3000000*0.036 = ₦108,000 = $300. You can earn this in a month very easy.

How to Get More Clicks and Earn Big

Write articles on trending topics either sourcing from News or social media. Most importantly the headline of every article is very important, it has to catchy in order to attract  click.
Another simple and quick tips to improve your article click is to share to social network and/or forward to your friends, which will bring more engagements for your article (share, comments)

Opera News Hub Payment 

Payment on opera news hub is made through Opay and proccessed towards the end of  every month. When you income reach ₦ 5000 you can request for withdrawal. In order recieve payment, link you Opay account by going to ‘Account’ > ‘OPAY ACCOUNT’ > ‘Link your Opay account’. In your Opera Studio dashboard. 
You are liable for any lost in payment if you make any error in adding payment information. 

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  1. You actually make it seem so easy with your presentation but I find this matter to be actually something that I think I would never understand. It seems too complicated and extremely broad for me. I am looking forward for your next post, I’ll try to get the hang of it!

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