Pros and Cons of WhatsApp Disappearing Messages Feature

whatsapp disappearing messages

 Recent update of Whatsapp introduced the Disappearing Feature which let chat conversations to be erased when it’s turned on, today I will share with you some advantages and disadvantages this feature can add to your whatsapp as a user. 

According to WhatsApp, conversation between individual need not to be as close to in-person as possible, thus conversation can automatically be deleted after 7days. If you want test this feature, see how to enable whatsapp disappearing Messages.

The Pros Whatsapp Disappearing Messages

One of the best advantage regarding this feature when turned on is the Database size reduction. The more your chats are erased the more bytes are reduced from your whatsapp database thereby occupying less space of your storage since media and text files are parmently arased after every 7days when enabled.

Whatsapp menstion that the disappearing message is not only about conversation memory but also to make your chat lighter.

Cons of WhatsApp Disappearing Message

Whatsapp users having similar opinion with me mayn’t always turn on the feature, at least not for all contacts. If Sometimes one need to go back to the most oldest conversation for one reason or the other eirther to repick a file, or revised some messages, obviously the chat would no longer exit if disappearing message was prior enabled.

Although, both individual can choose not to or enable the feature, or already have the chat screenshot or farwarded at their end, might be an option to get back the needed message. 

Have any pros or Cons to add?  Let’s here in the comment box

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