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MTN e-Learning 500MB data Cheat for Free Browsing 2021

The latest MTN e-learning data cheat is about powering the daily 500MB across all apps so as to browse and download from favorite sites This post will be a guide about that.

MTN e-learning data cheat

MTN e-Learning Data Cheat

MTN e-learning 500MB data daily is an offer to all MTN customers to access all configured government e-learning websites for educational purposes as we have discussed in a related post about how to get it, list of those sites and the codes involved. But the cheat and tweaking aspect of it is basically on how to bypass the restriction and access all favorite websites of any users choice. This is coming exactly after a year since when MTN e-learning data was launched.

In view of this, This tutorial is not only about taking advantage of the MTN 500MB e-learning data but also to technically alert the ISP of the newly discovered loopholes.

Besides, If you want to use the MTN e-learning 500MB free data to browse all your favorite sites, you will need use a VPN tunnelling App with its 500MB bypassing config file.

The VPN of interest and which we shall guide shortly on how to use and power the MTN e-learning 500MB data to the app are:

  • Stark VPN Reloaded
  • Ha Tunnel Plus
  • HTTP Injector
  • NapsternetV

Point to note, the e-learning 500MB MTN can be activated once and expires by 11:59 pm every day irrespective of whether the data is used or not. But it is available to all MTN customers.

How to Get and Use MTN 500MB e-Learning data on Stark VPN

  1. Download Stark VPN RELOADED from Play Store
  2. Open your chrome or any browser and visit to activate MTN e-learning data.
  3. Dial *131*4# to confirm if you have received the MTN 500MB e-learning data.
  4. Open your Stark VPN Reloaded, click on “none or direct” to select tweak
  5. select MTN e-learning 500MB and click the start button to connect
  6. you will see connected and upload and download link will begin to read.
  7. Minimize and start browsing all websites with your MTN 500MB e-learning data.

MTN e-Learning 500MB data cheat on Ha Tunnel

  1. Download Ha Tunnel plus from the play store
  2. Open your browser and visit or to earn the daily MTN 500MB e-learning data
  3. Download MTN 500MB hat file here
  4. Launch Ha tunnel plus and click on the Navigation bar at the top-right and import config
  5. locate the MTN 500MB e-learning config file you downloaded and tab to get it imported.
  6. click on start to get connected successfully.


HTTP Injector Settings for MTN free 500MB e-learning data

  1. Open your browser and visit or to get the MTN e-learning 500MB MTN free data
  2. Download HTTP injector App From play store
  3. Download MTN 500MB e-learning ehi file
  4. Download v2ray plugin in HTTP injector: nav. Menu >> settings >> Plugin manager
  5. Click on the File icon at the top-right corner then import config
  6. Click on start to get connected
  7. check on the LOG tab for details of the connection.

Note; File could expire after 3 days. You will have to download new ones here or from TechAfresh Telegram Channel

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NapsternetV Settings for MTN free 500MB e-learning data

  1. Download NapsternetV App from Google Play
  2. Download MTN 500MB npv4 config file here
  3. launch NapsternetV and click on plus sign at the top-right to “import npv4 config file
  4. locate the file you downloaded and tab on it get it imported
  5. From Home tab, click on blue icon at the bottom right corner to connect
  6. wait for few seconds until it’s connected then check the stat to make sure all gragh is reading.
  7. minimize and start using your 500mb e learning data cheat to access all websites.

Note: This MTN 500MB e-learning free data cheat is working perfectly at the time of writing this post, ( October 2021) and it should continue unless if the ISP stop giving out the MTN 500MB data or if the bug is put behind the firewalls.


With these you have all the necessary details about MTN 500MB e-learning data cheat. In case of any challenge, tell us in the comment box below.


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