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How To Exceed The 50MB MTN N0.0k Daily Capped and Use upto 1GB Daily

Hello Guys, MTN N0.0k free browsing has been trending and being enjoyed for months now.  Many fans loves it expecially when the daily capped was 1GB per day per SIM card.

MTN successfully blocked some loopholes to slash the daily MB from 1GB to 50MB – 70MB per day per SIM. That looks very bad. But don’t worry we have worked  on it to bring it back to its initial daily capped so that you can enjoy.  If you don’t know how the MTN N0.0k Free Browsing Cheat works use the below link to learn

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In this tutorial i will show you how to extend your 50MB daily capped to 1GB/day per SIM card. So let’s begin without much time wasting. 


The cap was actually based on your Phone ID.
Note: Your device needs to be rooted. Works on some non rooted device too
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-Download the new config file from HERE
– Download ID changer from HERE play store 
-Your original ID has been saved already so changing is no issue.
-Click on random
Clicking random gives your phone another ID 
-Reboot your phone and reconnect.
That’s all and you’ll find your previously exhausted 50mb working exactly like before. This works perfectly and your phone is totally save as you can revert back to the original ID using the ID changer.
In case you find this trick difficult kindly join our Telegram channel another simple step has been posted there Join us or Whatsapp Group


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