Nairax – Get Free Airtime or Cash For Solving Simple Mathematical Questions

Hello Everyone! Today we are going to introduce you to a new site called Nairax where you can earn free points for airtime and cash.

Nairax is a platform that pays you for solving simple mathematical questions every hour.
This platform is programmed and designed to deliver questions to you every hour and you earn points from solving the questions.
You can either withdraw your points for real cash into your bank account or recharge your mobile phone with it.

I know some of us hate mathematics right from day 1 of primary school hahaa. Now here is a chance to get cool cash with knowledge of mathematics .. Do not panic because you must love or hate mathematics to earn from nairax. In fact the Arithmetic are so simple that you don’t need a calculator to solve. Imagine you being asked 5000 – 2000 haa? Even a primary school pupil can handle this in less than 5secs.
Nairax questions are multichoice (objective) so it is even easier to get the answers just by inspecting the options wisely just like how i did most of the times..

How Does Nairax Works deliver questions for you to answer every hour, most of the time the questions are less than fiftheen for each hour which will earn you at least 5points. And each point you earn is equivalent to 1 Naira. 
This implies that for every 24hours,  you can take questions for 24 times and each time you take questions, you earn a minimum of 5points. By extension you can get upto 120 points a day without any referral bunus, if you have Refferal, yor earning increases accordingly.
Nairax also offers referral program, that is;  you earn 20% of every point your referral earns. You can refer your friends to nairax from your Nairax Dashboard after singning up, this will increase your nairax income
See attached image for proof
The minimum withdraw is 50 point via airtime or 200 points via bank transfer. In order to withdraw your earning as cash from, you need to download nairax mobile app from play store, register in the app, then goto your dashboard in the nairax web version transfer your earning to the nairax mobile app and withdraw instantly, atmes a little delay may occur in processing payments.

How To Register for Nairax and Earn Cash

  • Make sure to Use 15304 as the REFERRAL ID during the sign up. 

  • Click Here  to sign up using a phone number and email 

  • verify your phone number and you are done ready to start earning 

Nairax Review

We have explained above that with Nairax you solve maths and earn real cash and or airtime, at least 100 naira everyday in less than cumulative  30 minutes. 
Most of the time people doubt the legitmacy of platforms like this, whether they are legit or not. Apart from the Payment proof as seen above, they are  two key points users that want to join should know. the basis of how nairax run its service and generate revenue for themselves with their members, and its free access. 
According to Nairax, to keep the  platform running, they use third-party advertising companies to serve ads when a member visit the web site. This means that they generate revenue from advertising companies like google whenever a member solve questions.
By implication, nairax pays every user by a percentage of that revenue. The second thing is that nairax does not require any user to invest or pay some fees to use their Service. Nairax is totally a free quiz platform to join.

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