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How to Loop or Repeat Part of Audio File on Android

Looping or repeating a portion of a song, mp3 or any audio track is one of the function most android smartphone audio and music player doesn’t have. If you are intrested on knowing about the function of repeating a particular part of audio track on your phone, then you are on the right place.

Mostly people recommend using an audio editor App to trim and cut off that portion of intrest. But that is tedious and unprofessional. I will share with you a simpler and an easier way; though using a third party app as well.

Most of the time you may like to repeat the part of a music,  song, recordings,mp3 or even verses of Holy book recitations and listen to them repeatedly may be because of their niceness, or even educational purposes.

TechAfresh recommend AB Audio Repeat Player as the App to use in looping mp3 other audio files on your android smartphone device. The app is available on Google Play Store.

How to Repeat Audio Parts Using AB Audio Repeat Player App

Download AB Audio Repeat Player

Install and launch the App it will automatically capture all the audios in your device like how other players does.
Locate and play the audio you want to repeat its portion

Once the start point of the part you want to repeat reach, click the button A. Then click same botton as B if the end point reach as seen in the image below

 The AB Repeat player will automatically trim off that portion and begin to play repeatedly without affected the original mp3 or audio file. Click AB to save the repeat points or delete to cancel the points.

You can export the song or audio part you repeat by clicking on the 3 dots menu icon at the top right of the App.
The AB repeat player also incorporate the video looping and repeat playing as well.

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