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Earn €100 Monthly With GoalTycoon – The Best Online Football Manager Game

Become an ONLINE FOOTBALL MANAGER with GoalTycoon and earn upto €100+ monthly.
Completely free 


GoalTycoon is a strategy game, in which you have the possibility to convert your virtual currency into real money and withdraw directly into your online wallets and Bank Account Worldwide.
 It is an online browser game, or an App. Therefore you may need to access the game using your device browser or installed the Newly launched GT App in your phone or computer in order to play.

Being a GoalTycoon, depending on the League you are in and or country, you will be able to earn the following bunus

  • Daily Bunus NGN 2500
  • Match Bunus NGN 632.33 daily approximately.
  • Cup/League Win NGN 33,390 to €406 Monthly depending on the Cup/League you played in.
  •  Refferal Bunus 10%
  • Minimum Withdrawal = €20

CLICK HERE  to join. 

There are various League and Cups you can play in, National cup, championship, continental Cup etc. Once you join, you will be asign a league to play against teams in your country in the first stage.
If your Team perform well to be either 1st 2nd or 3rd position, You will earn upto 100+ Euros for that depending on the League you are in When you refer your friends too, you earn a percentage from their earning.

Being a Goal Tycoon is just like a real football manager. You will be given a Team, players, stadium, funds for managing etc.
It’s actually Fun.
All You need to do is to prepare and set your player for every match. You don’t need to be online when your team are playing. But as a manager you can come online during the game and make some changes in order to increase your chances of winning a match. The more you matches, the more you earn and the better you rank

Towards the end of this article, they are beginers guide or Tips about GoalTycoon for you on how to go about the game. But before then, click the link below to sign up

Also Before you join GoalTycoon, kindly note these points 

As a beginner in GoalTycoon, it is highly unlikely to earn upto 100+ euros in the 1st month of joining. This is because immediately you signup, you are likely not going to be placed in the 1st, 2nd or 3rd league. When i first join, i was placed on league 6. The leagues are upto 10. And even if you are placed in those first leagues, you will need plenty of scoring points (SG)  in order to succeed..this lead us to the second point i want you to Note.

Refferal/ Investment

Referring people to join GoalTycoon using your Refferal  link will make you to earn very fast thus help you grow your SG. If you also invest some small amount of money into the game, then you have big change to earn very quick. My friend join the game in less than 2months he makes plenty money because he has enough active Refferals.. (from league 6-League 4).

This doesn’t mean that if you don’t have Refferals, you will not earn, it is your SG that determines your winning and the winning determines your earning. And there is league promotion once you finish 1st or 2nd in your league. Which can get you promoted upto league 1.

Click here

Download GoalTycoon Official App HERE

Beginner’s Guide to GoalTycoon

After registration using the link above, login to your account then
1. Click team/sponsor, choose Kingdom cave as your sponsor and sign
2. Click home you will see #2500, click collect to claim it, collect it everyday
3. Click team/tactics, pick your formation, change the game style and attribute to Normal or defense /offensive  or aggressive. But do not use aggressive in most cases because your players can get injured 
4. Put 999999 in bonus match box and click ok, it will display a value, erase 999999 and put the amount or less than it ask you to put in the box, Put 4000 or more in bonus season box and click ok put the amount it ask you to put in the error message. This will automatically increase your SG. At least be giving match bunus if you are sure it will increase your SG above your opponent.
5. Now change your player’s with those ones in the substitute, make sure you are puting them in the right position to increase your scoring rate(SG), Make sure this scoring rate is increasing and not decreasing as you continue to change your players, you may click matches/live to see your opponent scoring rate
6. Now set your players in their position as caption and the rest, Click on captain title you will see provided space for you to drag one of the player that you want to use for that specific position, Do same thing to the rest positions
7. Now click Team/Training To put your players inside training field according to the wing they are playing
8. Now click matches/schedule to see your fixtures
You need to keep winning your matches to top your league, To promote to the next league, u have to be 1st or 2nd position in your league, If you can finish with 1st or 2nd position. You will be promoted

Note: Make sure you check your scoring rate 1hr before your next match if it drop substitute your players with the one that have low energy, their energy is under them. And make sure the player is in the right position you, if you see 100 on top the of player it means the player is stronger, do number 2 and number 4 everyday.
Lastly click home,  you will see your unique Refferal link,  something like  copy it share it with you friends yo get more Refferals. 

dont forget to drop a comment or message us on Telegram @Techwizardd for more guidelines and Tips on how to use GoalTycoon. 


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