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What is Missed Alarm and How You Can Fix It.

Have you ever experienced missed alarm on your phone and you want to fix it? Then you are on the right place.

Undoubtedly the must trusted way to wake oneself from slumber at a particular time is to set up an alarm on our mobile device at the desired time we intend to wake up. This in turns sometimes fails in some android phones as the alarm clock tends to display “Missed Alarm” at the time it supposed to sound up. Missed alarm is very common in Samsung devices like s8 and below.

What is Missed Alarm ?
Missed Alarm is simple a situation whereby a set alarm clock fails to ring up due to some technical behavior with in the device.
Many Android phone users including myself have eventually came accross this scenario of alarm missing. It is indeed very annoying to realized that your alarm clock has missed.

Missed alarm can cause one to be late for work, school or lecture,missed an appointment or even break a promise. It can lead someone to loss a job, it can also make one to fail fulfilling a task like waking up in the night for any purpose you can think of.

Since we have seen what missed alarm is and its side effect, let’s see what causes it and how to fix it.

Causes of Missed Alarm on Android Phones

the following but not limited can cause missed alarm on Android phones

1. Zero Alarm volume
2. Bugs on phone software
3. Battery Optimization
4. The type of ring tune used
5. Low or Zero battery power.

How to Fix Missed Alarm 

1. Increase Your Alarm volume

The aim of an alarm is defeated when the volume is zero, atimes it even trigger alarm missing notification.
To make sure that you alarm volume is not set to zero, your device should not be on total silent, and under the alarm setting, increase the volume and enable vibration.

2. Update Your Phone Software 

Device software update use to fix bugs issues available in their previous. Goto settings on your phone to update to the latest version.

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3. Disable Alarm Battery Optimization 

This method is believed to be the best. When your phone is on idle mode( no much task or running app) in the background, it becomes harder for the alarm clock to be triggered if it is under battery optimization. To disable alarm clock optimization for solving missed alarm, follow the chain bellow

Goto settings >>Battery>> Battery Optimization( from the three dots on the top right) >> all apps (from the drop down) >> Clock >> Select don’t optimize and done.

4. Use Alarm Default Ring Tunes

Do not use the external music or sounds you have on your phone storage.

5. Use third party alarm app

This can be a last option. There are very good clock apps in the play store that can serve as alarm clock for you .

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Depending on the type of Android device you are using at least one of the method mention should work for you. Method number 3 is most believed for a better solution provided that your device is not on silent. 
Let’s here which method solve your problem or additional solution in the comment box.

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