COVID-19 – How to Make Face Mask Out of Socks In 3 Simple Steps Without Sewing

If you are finding it difficult to have at least one or more face mask in this era of Coronavirus Pandemic, here is a simple technique to make a face mask from Home using just ordinary socks without sewing.

Taking precaution measures in order not to be infected by the dreaded Coronavirus pandemic that has put the whole world at stake is very essenstial for both the Young and Old, Man or Woman.

One of the preventive measures which is the use of Face Mask at Home, Markets, in public places and around COVID19 patientsor infected areas etc.

For you to make a face mask using this method, you only need a socks and a scissors or razor blade. Preferably the socks should be low cut or liner short length and expandable socks for better result.

How to make face mask using socks from home

1. Cut the socks into two half closer to the heel portion and dispose the toe end as it is not useful in the process as seen in the image below.

2. From the heel end, insert your scissors through the cuff area and cut all through the opposite part to the heel region.

3. Fold the sample into two make a small cut to form a hole towards the ends that will serve as ear support of the face mask.

Boom!! Your face mask is successfully made.  You can watch the video below for visual proceedure of making face mask from Home using socks without sewing. 
To watch the video, click the link below 
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