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Blazing! – Activate MTN 48GB Free Data Cheat In Simple Steps

Hello TechAfresh Readers! here is another biggest data trick for you to enjoy on your MTN lines; 48GB MTN free browsing cheat eligible to all SIM at no cost, follow the simple guide provided below for how to activate the MTN 48gb latest free data trick.

This cheat is already trending and working for all devices be it Android, iOS or Windows PC, you can use to download videos, music, or files, stream all your favorite shows and browse websites of your choice. However, irrespective of device connectivity it can work on both 3G or 4GB device and SIM.

How it Works 

 The MTN 48gb latest cheat actually uterlizes the 2GB Daily Refferal bunus on myMtnApp through invitation of new users, tricking it results upto 48gb data. Although the data validity is 24hrs only which good for that want to download large files like movies or games and updates.

Requirements for MTN 48gb latest free browsing cheat 

 Mobile Phone (Android or iOS )
 Data ( if you don’t have MTN free 50MB)
A SIM card that you haven’t used to sign up for the MyMTN app before
Another MTN SIM that has been registered before on the app ( Your Main SIM)

How to Activate MTN 48gb 

1. Using your main SIM, Download MyMtnApp from Google Play (click here) if you don’t have, otherwise just

 open it up by inserting your number and verifying it (if it ask you to do so)
2… click on menu and locate free data tab
3… Then click on REFER (then insert the number of the 2nd SIM that haven’t yet been registered)

Then log off your account (switch account)
Reopen but this time use the 2nd number (SIM not registered) to login

it will show you (activate 500mb data) and (remind me later)

6… Click on Remind me later and press back continously
NOTE: each time you press remind me later and backwards you get 200mb
so the more you do it the more the data…
(48gb is the maximum)

This cheat is currently blazing, enjoy it while it last !!
For Educational purposes only and ISP alart! 

Writen By Prince Wurld edited by Admin.

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