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How to Hide Status Bar Icons on Android

A friend of mine asked me if there is a way he can hide the clock and network icons from his phone notification or status bar. Yes, i quickly recalled that there’s a way to do that using a hidden feature on Android known as the “System UI Tuner”

The System UI Tuner gives you extra ways to tweak and customize the Android user interface. By default the system UI tuner is hidden, you will have unhide it be able to use it on your Android smartphones. However this feature may not be available on some versions of Android phones. 

In this tutorial i will show you how to hide status bar on Android, i.e by hidding any of the icon you wish from the notification bar. it is actually fun, very easy to do and risk free, it doesn’t requires root access or any app to perform. You could try it to freek your friends.

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Take a look at the screenshot above which i made from my phone. There is no icon for time, battery, and or network. But the truth is all the functions are there but hidden.
Let’s begin 

How To Hide Status Bars’ Icons on Android 

You can do this by adding the “System UI Tuner” feature to your android. To add this feature, simply flip down the menu from top of your phone then tap and hold the gire or Setting icon until you see a notice that the feature has been added
Now, goto settings > system > system UI tuner > status bar.

You will see all the available icons ( time, battery, network, screenshot, mobile data, headset, wifi, etc) which you can toggle on or off to add or remove.
Let’s say you want to hide the time icon, just tap on time and choose “don’t show this icon”
Your clock will now disappear. Same applies to all the features there. 
Lastly you can hide back the System UI tuner if you don’t want it anymore. At the system UI tuner window, Just click the 3 dots at the top right corner and click “remove from settings”. The feature will disappear and you will have to follow same the process above if you want to bring it back.

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