Opera – Now Gives Free MTN Data to Customers Daily

Have you seen any pop- up notification on the screen of your phone like the one below?

“Dear Customer, Your browsing session is sponsored by Opera to tune of 50MB daily. Thank You.”

Did you try to browse with it and it seems not to work?

First of all, the notification you recieved is true, MTN is in partnership with Opera in order to deliver this promo of rewarding 50MB to customers daily.

Though the data might look small but it’s enough for the purpose intended by the sponsor and network provider

The 50MB MTN data can only work with the Opera Mini or the Opera News, Which is essentially a stand alone Opera App that deliver latest news and trending updates across the country.

With this it’s conclusive to say that the sponsored opera 50MB promo is with the aim to keep audience updated with latest news within this festive season.

This is neither a cheat nor a trick, and no external settings required. If you want to use the Data,  just launch you Opera Mini or OperaNews App and that’s all. You can surf the articles and stay connected with News on this Holidays.


What exactly is the free daily data deal?

If you are an MTN or Airtel user, you will get 50MB of free browsing with Opera Mini or Opera News. The free browsing will be capped daily at 50MB.

How can I get the free daily data with Opera Mini and Opera News?

If you are an Opera Mini or an Opera News user, you will receive the free daily data with a limit of 50MB/day. Just enable data savings (auto, extreme or high) in Opera Mini or use Opera News and you will browse for free up to 50MB automatically.

The free daily data covers browsing only. Video streaming and file downloads are charged out of your normal data bundle.

Does free browsing applies for other Opera applications?

The free browsing promotion exclusively applies for the usage of Opera Mini and Opera News.

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