Airtel Cheap Data Plan – The Bundles You Should Always Activate

Data is like the smartphones’ oxygen.  Most of the time it is needed more as it doesn’t always look enough. Nomatter what your needs is, Airtel cheap data plan is enough to keep your device oxygenated.

Airtel Cheap Data Plan

The Airtel cheap data plans are selected unique data bundles or offers among the  data plan bundle package that most customers are likely unaware about. 

If you are searching for a cheap data plan to use, then this post will guide you on how to select and subscribe to the best Airtel bundle

On this article, I will explore the current Airtel Nigeria data plan packages and offers. So as to let you know the cheapest plans that suits your need, its code, cost, and how to subscribe.

First of all, Let me categorize the cheap data plan selection into two depending on subscriber activities.

  1. Those that use much of their data on social media, and 
  2. Those that use their data for other things.

Starting with number one, 

Those that use most of their data bundle on social media platforms 

If you are the type that use social media alot, then the cheapest data plan for you is the social media bundle.

Airtel facebook and WhatsApp plan is 500MB for N100 valid and for 30days. But the question that will arise is the need to use either twitter or instagram or even browse other things on net. In such case, the selected Airtel cheap data plan (bundles) for you to activate are;

1. Opera monthly bundle – N100 for 300MB valid for 30days. This should cover your other internet searches. 

2. Airtel All social 700MB for N300 valid for 25days. To access WhatsApp, facebook and Twitter.

3. To cover your instagram need, then subscribe to instagram bundle of 1GB for N200 valid for 1days. However, instagram is not favored enough by the analysis. 

In total you are to spend at least N600 to cater for all your data usage need. This is actually the Airtel cheap data plan for those that dwell more on social platforms. 

The codes to use are

*141*104# for 500MB for N100/30days, *688*1# for all social plan or *141*103# for opera bundle and *141*205# for instagram bundle respectively. In addition, bundles are available as daily, weakly or monthly.


Those That Use At a Balance Bundle Level 

Using data plan at a balance level means a kind of moderate usage between social media platforms and other internet activities. The best Airtel data plan to use in this case is the special offers, like ( Airtel my offer) or the Winback offer

In some cases, Airtel data plan cheat can also be considered as cheap bundle since it can be used to access all websites and platforms.

My offers bundles are one of the Airtel cheap data plan available for all customers. Moreover, the plan varies from subscriber to subscribe depending on what is available for you.

Airte data plan

Some of the Airtel data plan includes: 3GB for 1000, 4GB for N1200, 6GB for N1500, 9GB for N2000, or 16GB for N3000.

If it happens you fall under the category of my offer bundles for cheap Airtel data plans, the code to dial is *141# and select my offer. Otherwise dial *141*1# straight away. 



As 2020 turning into 2021, These are the data plan that every Airtel customer can maximize usage and save cost without worrying about unlimited bundles or tweaks.

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