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How to Use HTTP Injector for free Internet browsing 2021

Sometimes you have free internet kits at hand but you don’t know how to use them. This post will address and guide you on how to use Http injector App to access the internet for free, its settings, connection challenges and import or export issues of config files.

Techafresh Blog audience having been requesting help and assistance about the usage of the HTTP injector App to enjoy the benefit of the current free browsing cheats in town. If you are one of those requiring support, kindly read every line of this article and the guide focus is only on those using external configuration files

HTTP Injector App is one of the best and popular tunnelling VPN and that enable you to browse the internet privately and securely with its multiple encryption technologies that are built into it.

At the time of writing this post, the App uses up to four different tunnel type viz; Secure Shell (SSH), Shadowsocks, Dnsurgent (DNS), V2ray

To set up HTTP injector App for free internet, they are basic requirements

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TechAfresh Blog has working configuration files for many networks in Nigeria, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania or other countries using the App. If you don’t have one you can download our working config files here.

How to use HTTP injector config files for free internet 2021

Having installed HTTP injector App and got config file, then launch ( open) your HTTP injector app and click on the file icon at the top-right corner

How to use Http injector

This will automatically launch into your device file manager, locate the folder where your config file is stored either in internal or external storage.

Depending on how you get the file shows where the file is being stored. If you get it through WhatsApp, then it should be stored in the WhatsApp folder ( mostly internal storage). From Telegram >> Telegram folder, if it from from browser >> download folder.

In my own case I downloaded files from Telegram group, so to locate my files I will have to navigate to Internal storage >> Telegram >> Telegram Documents.

Http injector files are stored as .ehi format. Such as MTN unlimited.ehi Airtel 500MB daily.ehi


Tap on the file and it will be imported automatically. If the files are of the latest v2ray tunnel type, you may be required to install the v2ray plugin from the play store. Click on download to install

How to use v2ray

You can as well do that through the plugin manager by going to drop-down menu >> settings

Now you are set, just click the START button and wait for few seconds until it’s connected.
A key icon will be shown on your phone status bar above to indicate the connection, just minimize and start enjoying your free internet.

You can click on LOG to see the status and progress of the connection or error reports

HTTP Injector App Connection Issues, Errors and Challenges

I can’t see the file to import?

Make sure your file name ends with .ehi otherwise rename it and remove any text in front of .ehi

My file is connected but not working

Probably the file is not working but you can try any of these tricks especially if you are using v2ray

If not working, do any or all of these tricks and try again

  • Exit the App,
  • Turn off your data connection
  • Turn on/off airplane ✈ mode
  • Re-import the config file again.
  • Reboot your phone
  • Change to another configuration file and try the current one again

My file is imported successfully but I can’t see it.

Probably your phone is rooted and the file is blocked to be used on rooted devices. Contact the config author for another file.

Hope this information is helpful? Kindly share with friends. if you have any other issues tell us in the comment box below.


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