MTN: Upgrade To 4G LTE And Get Free 4G

Hello guys! Many of us already know what 4G service is, its virtues, benefits. This time around you will enjoy a big offer from MTN when you join the 4G LTE service.

To those of you who still don’t know what is this 4G everyone is yarning about bla bla bla..

4G is thesame as LTE (Long Term Evolution) which stands for the 4th generation of telecommunications technology that delivers very high data speeds. With LTE, you can enjoy HDVideo Streaming, Video and voice calls, superfast downloads, online gaming and much more.

How To Get Free 4GB on MTN 4G LTE

Follow the steps below on how you can get 4GB free for upgrading to 4G 

  • Text 4G to 131 as SMS to see if your device and SIM is 4G ready from a replied MTN  message 

If your device  and  SIM  is 4G  ready, 

    • Check to  see if MTN LTE coverage is available in your location via
    • Visit the nearest  MTN office or contact MTN customer service to upgrade your SIM and get  4GB free. 

    If your device is not 4G ready from step1 above,  replace your smartphone phone with a 4G capable network. 

    You can check to see if your smartphone has 4G by going to your phone settings > Connections> Mobile Network > Network Mode. You will see 4G if the device is 4G capable.

    Other  Bonus on 4G LTE 

    • 25% data bonus  on all plans for three (3) months ( meaning if you buy a 1.5GB data plan,  you  get data volume of  1.5GB + 375MB
    • 100% data bunus for some SIM 

    You can use the comment  box to speak to us. 

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