Nairax Does Not Display Image and Too Awkward to Share Questions on Facebook (SOLVED)

Users that recently join nairax platform are finding it difficult to earn points because they don’t see the image displayed in the last step of the questions, which has to be clicked and the final question shared on facebook in other to earn the points for that hour.

Though some members see the image but they feel its awkward sharing questions to their facebook wall every hour. so they quit.
Today we are going to show you how to make the image display and share the questions to your facebook wall without it being displayed to your facebook friends news feed.

Before then if you don’t know about Nairax, it is a platform that pays you for solving simple mathematical questions every hour which can either withdraw your points for real cash into your bank account or recharge your mobile phone with it.
 For more details about it and how to join, click the link below and Make sure to use 15304 as your Refferal id during sign up

Nairax – Get Free Airtime and Cash for Solving Simple Mathematical Questions

In this post We shall first show you how to share nairax question to facebook without getting it displayed to your friends news feed before solving the issue of image not showing on nairax.

How To Share Nairax Question to Facebook Without Getting it Displayed on Friends’ News Feed

This is indeed a very simple task, as shown in the image below, when you are already on the sharing dialog page, just change the post privacy to “only me” and make sure to check “News Feed”.

This means that after sharing the post on facebook, you are the only person entitled to see the post.  So no matter how plenty questions you shared using this pattern, it won’t be too shown on your friends news feed or wall. No more awkwardness.
Remember that the post will still appear on your own timeline which you are the only person seeing.
If they are too plenty and you don’t want that, you can click on   their edits and get them deleted.

Why Images are not Displaying on Nairax?

In most cases this happens because your browser has an ad block enabled or the browser is completely a bad one or even a poor network connection.

How Can I Fix Image not Displaying on Nairax?

  • Use recommended browsers (chrome browser)
  • Disable your browser ab block At least when you reach the last step to earn the point
  • Consider using Nairax App. Download from Play Store 

Note even if all this doesn’t help you see the image, you can go ahead and tab on the blank space below the “Instructions” then click ” i have clicked on the image” to earn your point.

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