How to Link NIN to SIM Card ( MTN, Airtel, Glo & 9mobile)

How to link NIN to mobile number


It isn’t funny, but your cherished SIM card can get blocked if not synchronized with your Nationality Identification Number (NIN). This is compliance to new rules implemented by the NCC for SIM card Registration. This article explains how to link non to sim card in easy steps.

TechAfresh blog will share with you the way to link your mobile number and submit your NIN for verification and updates to SIM registration database on either MTN, Globacom, Airtel or 9mobile network respectively. 

As a preliminary step, you must have a NIN in other to link it to you mobile number,  If you don’t have a NIN it means that you have not enrolled with the National Information Management Commission (NIMC) in Nigeria or your enrollment is not yet successful. 

However, if you have enrolled, and have your NIMC slip/card or the slip is not in your posession, you can dial *346# from your mobile number to retrieve your NIN. A service fee maybe attached. 

Attention: How to Download Improved NIN Slip and NIMC Mobile App

For those who don’t have NIN number can visit any enrollment centre near them to register their details as advised by mobile Network Operators (MNO). you can check the nearest enrollment centre close to you by visiting and click your desired state from the list. 

Now that you have your 11- digits NIN with you and ready to link it to your mobile number operator, follow the steps bellow. 

How to link NIN to Sim Card (MTN)

You can link your MTN number to NIN via any of the two methods below:

  1. Using USSD Code 
  2. Using Website
The MTN NIN code is *785# for NIN-SIM Integration. Linking can be done at the confort of your home with either or not the use of USSD code. 
To use code in linking your MTN line, simply  dial *785# from the phone number you want to link and insert your 11- digits NIN.

MTN code for NIN

The website to link MTN number With NIN is;

To integrate you Line, Simply visit MTN NIN capture Page at and fill in your details which includes; First Name, Surname, Phone Number, Email, Your National Identification Number (NIN).

link nin to mobile number

How to link NIN to SIM card (Airtel)

For Airtel too you can use either of the two methods below to link your NIN 
  1. USSD Code 
  2. Website Page
The Airtel NIN Code for registration and integration is *121*1#. In order link your Airtel SIM with NIN, Simply dial this code *121*1# from the phone number you want to link and follow the onscreen prompt to register your NIN.
How to link NIN to mobile number

link your SIM with NIN via website,  simply goto for NIN submission. You will be required to provide the phone number you want to link and a one time password (OTP) uniquely provided after submission before registering your NIN

How to link 9mobile Number to NIN 

For 9mobile, simply follow any of the method bellow;
  1. Ussd code 
  2. Website
The 9mobile NIN code is *200*8#
  • Dial this code; *200*8# from the phone number you want to link and input your details. 
  • Otherwise visit then click on Verify and link your NIN now botton to integrate you line. 
9mobile nin registration

You would be required to enter your mobile number and a one time password (OTP) sent to you then your NIN and other details.

How to Link Glo Number to NIN

Globacom also provides a means to their customers on how to link Glo SIM with NIN to avoid getting blocked. In this case the provided means is an SMS method unlike the ussd code, link or form submission.
To link up your Glo line witg NIN simple send an SMS in the format below to 109 from your mobile phone
“Update NIN, NIN, First Name, Last Name”
Example; Update NIN 12345123451 Abubakar Sadiq 
NIN With Glo SIM


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Note: All the informations provided here are legit,confirmed and genuine as disclosed by respective Mobile Network Operator. You can use it safely. 

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Frequently Asked Questions About NIN Linking to SIM

  1.  Can I link Link my NIN to more than one SIM card? 
Yes, if you are using more than one SIM card, you can link your NIN to all of them. this was made clear to the general public by the NIMC  through their media page
   2. Will my SIM or mobile number get blocked if I did not link it with NIN ?
According to the directives given to mobile network service providers by NCC, your Line will be blocked after December 30, 2020 if not paired with NIN. Nonetheless this deadline further been extended on till January 18, 2021


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