Wednesday, 20 February 2019

[Updated] New Config Files For HTTP Injector, Spark VPN And KPN Tunnel

Download latest config for you HTTP Injector, Spark VPN And KPN Tunnel Rev

This Config Files can be used for MTN Free Browsing as MTN 0.0k, Mpulse or 2-in-1 config file.

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How To Download Config File For HTTP Injector, Spark VPN and KPN TUNNEL Rev 

To download the latest config file (always the 1st on each list), just click on the config file name  (latest link). If any verification page shows up or download page not loading,  just disable your browser adblocker,  refresh the page, click "skip ad" to begin your download.


Kindly note that the below files was last updated on march 2nd, 18. Thus they have expired and stopped working. Drop a comment below or join our telegram group  For a recommendation on how to get new and working config files.

Config File for HTTP Injector MTN 0.0k  

March 2nd
Config File 22: Http Config 22.ehi LATEST
February 25th
Config File 21: Http Config 21.ehi  
February 20th
Config File 20: Http Config 20.ehi
February 15th
Config File 19: Http Config 19.ehi
February 10th
Config File 18: Http Config18.ehi
February 5th
Config File 17: HTTP Config 17.ehi
January 31st
Config File 16: MTN Config 16.ehi
January 26th
Config File 15: HTTP Config15.ehi

Config File for Spark VPN 2019

March 2nd
Config File 21: SparkVPN Config 21.svc LATEST
February 25th
Config File 20: SparkVPN config 20.svc  
February 20th
Config File 19: SparkVPN Config19.svc
February 15th
Config File 18: SparkVPN Config18.svc
February 10th
Config File 17:SparkVPN Config17.svc

KPN Tunnel MTN 0.0K Config File

March 2nd
Config File 13: KPN Config 13.ktr LATEST
February 25th
Config File 12: KPN Config 12.ktr
February 20th
Config File 11: KPN Config 11.ktr
February 15th
Config File 10th: KPN Rev Config10.ktr
February 10th
Config File 9: KPN Rev Config9.ktr


Note that the above files has stopped working, you may join the groups below for new ones

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