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How to Use Airtel Social Bundle Data Trick on PC.

 VPN Tunneling Apps like HTTP Injector helps in using social bundles to power all Apps across smartphone, similarly you can share this connection to your laptop PC or Mac by tethering the vpn mobile connection such that your pc can access the net via the social bundle on your phone. That is what I will be showing you today. 

The Airtel social bundle data trick is the latest Airtel free browsing data cheat using social plans of 500MB or 700MB data via HTTP injector on your phone that we recently shared which is a prerequisite to this post if you don’t know about it Read more

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This process of tethering VPN connection to PC involves the use of special Apps, TechAfresh recommends PDAnet+. If you want to use Your Airtel social bundle on your pc you will need the following. 

  1. Your smartphone with active social plan ( Activate here
  2. Vpn tethering App (PDAnet+) for both phone and pc ( Download Here )
  3. Tunneling VPN ( Http Injector)
  4. Configuration file (Download here >> HTTP injector config file

How to Use Airtel Social bundle Data Trick on PC

 Subscribe to Airtel social by dialing *141*104# for 500MB of N100 or *141*4*1# for 700mb of N300 valid for 7days and 25days respectively 

On your phone, launch the HTTP injector App, import the configuration file and click start to get it connected. A key icon will show at the top of your phone screen if it connceted. 

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Now its time to share the connection to your pc. Minimize and launch the PDAnet+ tick either USB or Wi-Fi connection type ( Wi-Fi Recommended) 

This will create a hotspot connection. on your pc connect to the wifi connection created by your phone. Ones connected, you can begin to browse all your favorite sites on your computer using the social data plan of your phone. 

Not only Airtel social bundle but any vpn connection can be shared to pc same way.

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