Airtel 1GB for 300, 5GB for 1000, 250MB/N50, and 75MB/N20 Activation Code 2022

Airtel N300, N50, N1000 data plan

One of the most favorite data plans is the 1GB for N300 because it is relatively cheap. Not only that, on this Airtel data pack, there are also Data plans of 5GB for N1000, 250MB for N50, and 75MB for N20. These data plans are cheaply affordable, all you need to know is how to activate them.

In this post, I will walk you step by step on how to activate the Airtel data plans of N300 for 1.5GB, 5GB for N1000, 250MB for N50, and 75MB for 20 naira using ussd code and menu.

These Airtel data Pack; 1.5GB, 5GB, 250MB, and 75MB for 300, 1000, 50, and 20 naira data plan is one of the best and has been available on the Airtel network since before the year 2021, but You may not know because it’s not yet featured on the regular Airtel data plans. This has made it inaccessible to many Airtel subscribers. So it’s a special data plan.

Getting a data plan of N300 on a regular bundle will not fetch you more than 1GB daily or 350MB all usage weekly, but this special offer will get can get you a 1.5GB weekly plan which unbeatably great.

Similarly, for the 1000 naira plan that gives 5GB, on a normal bundle it can give only a maximum of 1.5GB unless if you are activating constrain data plans such as a social or night plan that can access only a few apps or sites

Eligibility Check

Criteria for being eligible for the Airtel *141*242# data plan is only determined by the network provider, but a SIM that has not been used for long has a better chance of being eligible.

If you didn’t receive a notification like “Dear customer, you are not allowed to access this service” it means you are eligible for any for the bundle.

Activating Airtel 1.5GB for N300

Airtel 1.5gb for 300

To activate the Airtel 1.5GB for 300, have at least N300 airtime on your line then dial the code *141*242*3#.
Choose 2 “to stop your data” upon exhausting and send

You will receive a successful message for subscribing to Airtel 1.5GB for N300 valid for 7 days if you are eligible.

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Activating Airtel 5GB for N1000

Airtel 5GB for 1000

Have at least 1000 Naira airtime on your SIM then dial *141*242*4#. Reply by typing 2 “to stop my data” after being exhausted. You will receive a successful activation message of 5GB for N1000 and valid for 14 days

If you receive “Dear customer, you are not allowed to access this service” it means you are not eligible for the offer.

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How to Activate 250MB for N50

to activate this, dial *141*242*2# and follow the onscreen prompt to successfully subscribe. N50 naira will be deducted from your account balance and the plan is valid for 14 days.

Airtel 250MB for N50

How to Activate Airtel 75MB for N20

Simply dial *141*242*1#. 20 naira will be deducted and you will be given 75MB valid for 7 days

Airtel 75mb for N20


At this point, you should know the codes to activate the special N300, N1000, N50, and N70 Airtel data plan. These can also be activated via the UUSD menu by dialing *141*242#. If you are not eligible for any of the offers, all you have to do is to try another SIM card.


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