How to Share Data on MTN Nigeria and South Africa

I know you are reading this because you want to know how to share, request or buy data for friends on MTN. If that’s the case then I assure you are in the place to learn this. Datashare is a very common question among smartphone users since data is like oxygen. Out of love for friends and family or for business and any other reasons, one will like to transfer part of their data bundles to others or gift a plan completely. If you are one those requesting about how to share data on MTN to friends, This latest guide (2021) will put you through.
how to share data on MTN

Since Techafresh Blog is multi – country audience target websites,  This post covers about the various channels and codes available to use to transfer data on MTN Nigeria or South Africa. I will start discussing about how to share data on MTN NG, then towards the end talk about that of MTN SA.

The MTN DataShare or Data Gift is a service that let you transfer data from your active data bundle, to friends and family on same network, buy Data for them or request data from them.  Meaning you can only share data from MTN to MTN only. it’s very similar to the popularly known “MTN share n sell” service ( for airtime transfers) but this one is for mb transfers. 

The service can also be useful to have only one data subscription for various devices. Meaning that you buy one big data plan and share it with you other devices such as modem or tablets. 

Before we go into step by step on how to share data on MTN you should know that you can only transfer data from your active daily, weekly, or morthly bundle not from a bonus data offer. 

How to Share Data on MTN to MTN 


There are basically three methods to transfer data to friends on MTN, either via ussd code or through the use of my mtn App or by SMS.

Sharing Data on MTN NG is known as Data Gift. To transfer data on MTN using shortcode, simply dial *131# and reply with option 6 (gift data). Pick option 1 then enter the recipient phone number as required. On the next page, select the amount of data you want share and send. 

code to share data on MTN

Alternatively, use *131*7#. simply dial the code to share data on MTN and follow the onscreen prompt or dial the direct shortcode which is  *131*Phone number* Data amount#. E.g *131*07030000003*50#. This will automatically send the selected amount to the recipient number. The reciever will receive a confirmation message that so amount of Data has been transferred to them from the sender as indicated.

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Or using SMS, goto Messages and text Transfer “Phone number” “Amount of data”# and send to 131. example: Transfer 080333××××3*50# to 131. This will send the selected volume of data to the recipient immediately.

You can also use MyMTNApp to share data on MTN. If you want to use MyMTNApp to send Data, simply launch the App and click on bundle then ‘Share Data’ as seen below.

How to share data on MTN

However, in all case above, you can only send not more than 1GB of data using the App or 10MB ,20MB or 100MB at time using the code  and maximum of two transfers a day. Otherwise, you should use the MTN SME method. 

Also, You must have at least 50MB to carry out data transfer. The Data to share will be deducted from your main data balance.but you may decided to gift a new MTN bundle instead.

 Data Gifting From MTN to MTN  

The Different between gifting and transfering of data is that; in the case of data gift, you are not sendind data from your balance, but rather you are buying a new data plan for someone. In this case, you must have an airtime to do so. 
you can gift data data plan to friends or even request a gift from them. to buy a specific bundle for that special friend, Simply dial *131*Bundle Activation Code*Beneficiary’s Phone number#. 
You can also request for data from that Special friend. Simply dial *131*7*3#. To View Pending Request: Simply dial *131*7*4#.

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How to Transfer Data From MTN to MTN 

South Africa

The service used to transfer data on MTN ZA is called the DataShare. It’s a value-added service offering that allows you to share data from one main account holder’s bucket to nominated or linked MTN numbers. Main account holder is the MTN subscriber that want to share data while the bucket here means the data bundles that can be transfered of shared with friends. These plans are:- Inclusive data, once-off data bundles and monthly data bundles can all be shared.

Just like MTN Nigeria, the transfer of data can only be done from mtn to mtn. But in this case of South Africa, main account holder can only share data to maximum 20 numbers. Dail *136*5# to link or delink user as beneficiary. 

With the DataShare service, customers on All MTN PayAsYouGo, MTN Flexi, MTN Classic and My MTNChoice can share Data to other MTN number which they have linked or registered as beneficiary. To activate the service, dial the code, *131*6#.

How To set up MTN DataShare

If you’re on MTN PayAsYouGo: Simply dial *136*2*163# to buy a data bundle then dial *136*5# to activate MTN DataShare.

Select option 4: ’Manage Data Bundles’ and then Select option 2: ’DataShare’ (here you can link and delink numbers)

If you’re on MTN Contract Call 135 to activate the service. As an MTN user, you can share data to upto 20 MTN numbers. And the service is free.


These are the latest methods to share data on MTN for customers in Nigeria and South Africa. If this helps you, kindly share! 

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