How To Transfer Data on Airtel 2021 – All Details & Step-by-Step Guide

Do you have enough data balance that you want share with your friend? or are they requesting you to send them some Data just like the Way you use to send them airtime? Yes, this is actually possible with the help of Airtel SmartShare sevice. Offcorse the network offers the opportunities on how to transfer data to friends and family in need of it. That’s what I’m going to explain in this article in simple steps. Read below. 

How to Transfer data on Airtel

Airtel SmartShare 

Just like MTN Data Gift service, Airtel data share or transfer service is know as the SmartShare. Airtel SmartShare is a service on the Airtel network that allows you to transfer data from your existence bundle subscription to another airtel customer or to buy a new data plan for them from your current airtime balance or  as well as requesting same from them. 
That is to say that the Airtel SmartShare is categorized into three; 

Data Me2U;

 which is a service to transfer data from your existing data balance to another Airtel number SIM. Example, you have 2GB monthly subscription, you can decide to send 200MB to your friend out of it. It’s also know as the Airtel data share. 

While the other Airtel data share option is the Data Gifting

Which is a service that allows subscribers to share a new data plan to another customer. With these service your friends/family will always have an option when they run out of data. 

Ask A Friend for Data Share

The ‘Ask A Friend’ let you request for a data transfer from your friend or family. This is used when you don’t want to put your request verbally or you are currently at a distant apart from your friend. 
All together I am going to show you how to execute any of the methods above. But before I do that, it is important to know that The service I’m explaining is about Airtel Nigeria not Uganda, or Kenya. The fact that TechAfresh (A multi-audience target blog) is silent about it means it is the Airtel NG we are talking about. 
Th SmartShare service is available to all Airtel customers both prepaid and postpaid users and all SIM can use the Airtel SmartShare sevice be it Old or new customer.
Also another point to note is that, the Airtel SmartShare service is only used to transfer data from one Airtel line to another Airtel line. Meaning that you can not share data from Airtel to MTN or any number from another network. If you are looking for how to do that then it’s not possible as far as we know. 
Without wasting much time, let me begin to discuss about the first method (Data Me2U), Eligibility, its code and how to share data on it. 

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How to Share Data on Airtel (Me2U )

To transfer data from your existing balance, simply dial the ussd  code, *141# and select the Gifting/sharing option. On the next screen ,choose the Option for Data Me2U
This will provide you with and option to select the amount of data to share and the recipient phone number which must be an Airte customer like I said earlier. Alternatively you can use the direct shortcode; *141*6#
How to share data on Airtel


It is important to know that you can only transfer or share data to maximum of 2 people daily and a maximum of 200MB each at a time. Meaning that, you can  share either 50MB, 100MB or 150mb up to 200MB for one friend daily and upto two recipient. In a nutshell, you can only share 400MB of airel data daily.
The data shared with Airtel Data Me2U service will have thesame validity with the senders bundle. And the bundle available to send are the regular monthly, daily, weekly or mega packs. 
However, you are also required to change the default PIN which is 1234 to a desired 4-digits PIN to be able to use the Airtel SmartShare sevice. This is important to avoid any unauthorized Data share transaction on your android or iOS smartphones.

Code to Transfer Data on Airtel (Data Gifting) 

The Data gifting simply refers to the buying of data plan to a friend/family. To Gift data to friend, simply dial same code just like that for Data Me2U. *141# and select the option of ‘Sharing &Gifting’ Then select ‘Data Gifting’. 
You would be required to select from either daily, weekly, monthly or mega bundle you want to activate for your loved ones. Select appropriately then follow the prompt and authorize the transaction using you unique 4-degits pin code to finalize the subscription. 
Once the Data sharing is successful, both you and your recipient will receive a confirmation message. 
You should know that you must have enough airtime on your account balance that can buy the data bundle you want to share with your friend. 
Unlike the Data Me2U, there’s no restriction on the amount of data to gift and no restriction to the number of people you can buy data plan for. At your Discretion, you can transfer a data gift of upto 16GB to your loved ones at anytime, any place.

Request Data from a Friend 

If you want to ask your friend to share data to you, simply dial *141*6# and reply with option 3. you will be required to type the mobile number of the person you want to ask the Airtel data share from. once that is done, click okey and wait for reply and feedback.
The person at the recieving end will receive a message like the one below. 
Dear subscriber 2349044****50 has requested a Data Gift from you. To Gift Data, Dial *141*6# now. At you wish you can grant the request. 


With this I believe we have a covered article about how to transfer data on Airtel. Next time  done stay or let your loved ones stay out of Data. You can always check your data balance by dialing *140#. If this information is helpful, kindly click the share button below. 


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