Airtel Everyday ON Plans: Activate up to 1.5GB Data Per Day

Introducing The Airtel Everyday ON Plans lets you activate a data bundle that is received and consumed in segments. such as the 500MB data daily and 1.5GB per day plan for one month.

Everyday On plans bundle is comparably cheap and useful especially to those that don’t want their data plans to be exhausted before its validity. It is also important if you want to automatically optimize the usage of your data bundle because it wouldn’t let you exceed your daily capped.

Airtel Everyday on Plans

In a nutshell, This post is written to inform and guide you about the “Airtel Everyday ON plans” and how to subscribe to them. So If you are looking for information about the Airtel 1.5GB per day plan for 1 month or the 500MB daily, then you are right close to get it.

What is Airtel Everyday ON Plan?

Airtel Everyday ON plan is a type of data plan that allocates only a portion of the subscribed bundle for usage every day. Meaning that for example if you subscribe to a data plan of 45GB monthly, you will be credited with a daily data value of 1.5GB every day until 30days to make the whole 45GB. This plan is designed to make sure you are always on the internet every day.

Similarly, receiving 500MB capped data value every day translates to subscribing to 15GB monthly data on the Airtel Everyday ON Plans.

These plans are one of the silently launched data bundles in 2021. Most importantly they are cheap compare to the regular bundle that gives 10GB for N3000 monthly.

It is another amazing way to monitor the proper usage of data. The plan will help you in optimizing your data usage by restricting the over usage of MB beyond the daily capped.

Airtel Everyday ON plan is Available to all subscribers on prepaid service both old and new SIM is eligible. The plan can be accessed through the USSD code menu *141#

What are the Airtel Everyday ON Plan Bundles?

  1. 45GB Monthly ( credited at 1.5GB per day plan) for 6000 Naira
  2. 15GB Monthly ( 500MB data value daily capped) for 3000 Naira
Airtel Everyday on data plans
500MB Airtel Everyday on Plan

similar data bundles on this same category is the Day and Night Data Plan. this plan gives;

  1. 450MB daily for N120
  2. 200MB daily for 60 Naira

the day and night plan is also a unique plan that divides the subscribed data volume into two portions for usage during the day and night as well.

Don’t confuse it with the Everyday ON Plans.

If you want to check your data balance, dial *140# and look for Everyday On Plans.

Note: The allocation of the Everyday On Plans data value is done by 3 AM daily. If your previous daily data value ( 500MB or 1.5GB ) was exhausted before 3 AM, you will have to wait for a new allocation. on the other hand, if you failed to finish your data by 3 am, the value will be cleared and a new one will be allocated for you.

Airtel 1.5GB per day plan for 1 Month Code

On the Airtel Everyday ON plans, one of the cheapest is 45GB for N6000 monthly which is translated to be credited at 1.5GB daily for 30days. The code to this bundle is *141*6002# To subscribe to this plan:-

  1. Load atleast N6000 airtime then dial *141*6002# or
  2. Dial *141*4# or *141# and select “Everyday on Plans”
  3. From the option, choose 45GB monthly ( 1.5GB per day)
  4. Upon successful activation, you will be receiving 1.5GB of data every day until 30days.

This approach will surely ensure that your data plan never got expired before the date. However, your daily 1.5GB capped could expire on a daily basis if not exhausted.

Airtel 15GB – 500MB Daily Data Plan Code

This plan is great for medium-data users. If your daily data usage is not more than 500MB every day or less than that, then 15GB -500MB is a good option. to activate this data plan,

  1. Load N3000 airtime on your Airtel SIM
  2. Dial *141*3002#

You will receive a confirmation message that your subscription to 15GB – 500MB every day on data plan is successful.

450MB for 120 Naira Daily

This is another good option under the Airtel Everyday on Plans data bundle category. it is a Day and Night data plan suitable for medium and low data users. Dial *141*4*4# to subscribe.

Note: 330MB of it is usable in the night only and valid for 30 days.

Airtel 200MB for 60 Naira Daily

This is suitable if you use only a little of the internet every day. simply dial *141*4*3# to activate the Day and Night Plan 200MB data daily.


At this point, it’s believed you know what the “Airtel Everyday ON data Plans” is all about and how to subscribe to any of your choices. The terms and conditions applied to this plan is as the one applied generally on all Airtel Nigeria data bundles

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  1. I am still not clear about this every day on data bundle, I would like to know if it’s only for Whatsapp or for any site available on the on the net as long as it requires data like emails facebook etc please let me know please.

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