Glo WTF Bundle: Get 500MB for N100 Valid for 30days

 Globacom Nigeria has now added a new special data package which is the social bundle (WTF Bundle )to keep subscribers active on social platforms at relatively low cost. 

The Glo WTF bundles was designed to for those who like spending more time on social media sites or App to spend less on data with huge benefit

Just like the Airtel social bundle, all Glo customers can as well enjoy the special package which is name as WTF bundle,  the Glo WTF bundle is very similar to the Airtel WhatsApp and facebook plan, on Glo WTF you can activate data plan to the maximum of 500MB for N100 valid for 30days.

The plan includes:

N100 for 500MB N50 for 200MB and N25 for 100MB all valid for 30days 

How to Subscribe to Glo WTF Bundles 

To activate glo social bundle, simply Dial *777# and Select Buy Bundles. Select Social Bundle and Choose from the available plans. 

The Glo New all social bundle is restricted to access WhatsApp facebook and twitter but however with the help of http injector config file it can be used to power accross all app.

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