List of Latest MTN Free Data offers 2021

All network offers free data, you just need to know how to get one. For the latest MTN free data offers, this article has the details List and guide on how to get them. The data includes the free MBs, promo, and cheat codes 2021.


Free Data

Free data is simply that megabyte ( MB ) earned or received from a network provider without payment. It is a reward data that is completely free or as a bonus for a completed task

Completely free data is a reward from your network provider without any payment or recognised effort. Most of those data can be used for all internet activity but often with a very limited validity period.

Imagine you are given 50GB of free data to expire in 24 hours, the only way to finish that is to become a very heavy data user for 1 day.

Other free data offers are restricted ones until a user completes some task, like buying a product, activating an offer, subscribing to a particular service designed for that such as the smartphone offers, double data offer.

Rarely, free data also come in the form of cheat codes which when dialed and a huge amount of data could be earned from a particular network.

Let me walk you through the available free data on MTN. This list is often updated with new offers.

MTN NG Free Data

On the MTN network, free data comes in different kinds depending on the usage. Those that can be used for every internet activity and those that are constrained to be used only on a specified app or websites such as the opera news app.

How to Get Free Data on MTN

Free MTN data can be gotten by various means;

  • Free Data Reward
  • Promo and codes
  • Free Data Gift
  • Trick and tweak

Free MTN Data Reward

1. MTN 1GB free data

most often to earned 1024MB data on MTN, your SIM needs to be inactive for some time. Once you insert the SIM on your phone and dial *131*4# and send, You will see free 1GB bonus data valid between 24hrs to 7days.

This comes as a data reward due to inactivity on your MTN line for a period of time. If you have any MTN SIM that you have not been using for a while kindly insert it and check for your free 1GB data bonus.

2. MTN Opera Mini 50MB Daily

The MTN opera 50MB daily works on only the opera mini browser and app to access the internet. It’s small but at least useful for doing some search queries. in order to get the opera MTN free data, turn on your data connection and access the opera app or opera news app to activate the daily access per SIM.

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3. MTN 500MB Free e-learning Data

Mtn 500mb e learning

This data offer is available to all MTN customers to activate and use for educational purposes. Although they are methods to bypass the e-learning 500MB free data. But it is designed to access configured government e-learning websites. In order to activate the MTN e-learning data, visit one of the e-learning sites to activate it daily.

  • mylearningacademy

4. Festive Period Free MTN Data.

Occasionally MTN does offer free data on festive periods such as Eids and Christmas days. This free data reward can be used to access all internet activity and often 24 hours validity.

MTN 20th Anniversary Bonus

MTN 20th Anniversary bonus

MTN giving away 200MB data bonus and 5 minutes free call to customers on 08/08/21 to mark its 20 year of service celebration in Nigeria. Dial *131*4# to confirm your data bonus gift. Valid for 24 hours.

5. MTN free 20MB Daily

MTN 20mb free data

If you have not noticed, MTN offers 20MB of free data daily. This data is helpful to receive or send some messages on chats messenger apps and to take a quick search on the internet.

6. MTN 50MB Daily NCDC

free mtn 50mb ncdc

This MTN free 50MB daily is for access to the Nigerian center of disease and control websites and other government health organizations. All you have to do to get it is to visit or other related NCDC subdomain sites.

However, the MTN 50MB free data for NCDC can be tweaked to power all apps using some tunneling VPN. LEARN

7. Ayoba Free 100MB Data on MTN

Ayoba free mtn data 100mb

MTN rewards customers with 700MB weekly to access Ayoba. Ayoba is an all-in-one app that offers free instant messaging, voice and video calling, games, music, news, entertainment news, and other content in Africa.

On MTN NG, there’s 100MB daily to access Ayoba app contents. This means that you need the App to get the free 100MB daily for every MTN SIM. This data cannot yet be tricked to power all app for internet access. Download Ayoba App here

If you love using the Ayoba app, you can activate its bundles by dialing *131# and choose social bundles.

MTN Free Data Promo

Free data promo on MTN has to do with the merit benefits ( free data ) that can be earned from a particular bundle offer. It is the data received as a result of subscribing to special package, buying a product, or upgrading a service. This promotion includes but not limited to;

Free YouTube MTN 4GB

The 4GB MTN free data comes with prize, that’s customers need to activate selected weekly or monthly bundles to earn the youtube free MTN 4GB data. Dial *131*1# and choose FREE YouTube.

MTN Free 10GB data for 4G

The 10GB free data comes as a reward for upgrading your MTN SIM to 4G/ LTE on a supported smartphone. it also comes with double data offer for a month. This promo was formally a 4GB data bonus. Learn how to upgrade to 4G here

MTN free data promo code 2021

MTN Promo codes refers to the redemption, subscription, or activation digits dialed to recieve reward and benefits; in this case, free data bonus.

The MTN promo codes can be generic and non generic. The non-generic most often gives awuf free data behind farewell ( trick activity) to users. One of which is *449*2# or *449*1# for 500MB free data.

However, the non generic MTN promo codes tends to work occasionally and it is sometimes SIM selective

List of MTN free data Promo code

  • *449*2# or *449*1# for 500MB
  • *123*3*1*5*2# for 3GB
  • *131*100# for 1GB
  • SMS “SEND ROUTER” to 3988 for 150GB

MTN Free Data Gift

Data gifting on MTN is a service that allows you to transfer, buy or request from your friends and loved once. Considerably, if you receive data from your friend or loved one through the gift service, it can be considered as a free data at your end.

Dial *131*7# to access data gifting service on MTN or dial *131*7*3# to request data from your loved one.

MTN Free Data Tweak

This involves getting free data for internet browsing using some tricks such as tunneling Apps. It also involves the tweaking of free data that are constrained for specified apps or websites such as the opera app or e-learning site as protocols into free browsing to power all apps. This MTN free data trick and tweak is available on this list


For awareness and latest information about MTN free data, this article has it covered and it will be updated regularly with any latest free data available. If you have free data, you can check the balance by dialing *131*4#


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