Quick Way to Check Your Phone Number on Airtel, MTN, Glo and 9mobile in Nigeria

Have you been in a situation that you couldn’t remember your phone number when you need it? or you don’t even know it offhand? Well, if you are with your mobile phone you can quickly check it out anytime you need it as long as there’s network coverage. In this post, You will learn the quick way to check your Airtel, MTN, Glo, and 9mobile phone number in Nigeria

How to check you phone number

Many scenarios can require you to provide your phone number such as giving someone your contact, filling forms online or offline, needing to purchase airtime or data on e-channels etcetera. But if you don’t know it and can’t remember or retrieve it immediately, it can be an embarrassment. That’s why your number need to be mobile.

However, if you happen not to have your Airtel, MTN, 9mobile or Glo phone number off hand at the time of need, you can quickly retrieve it within few seconds using the method below.

The fastest way to check your mobile phone number is by using the USSD code. They are various ways to check phone number but ussd code method is the easiest. MTN, Airtel, 9mobile and Globacom all have a unique USSD code you can use to quickly check your phone number anytime you require it. If you want to know about these short codes works, kindly Follow the procedure below.

How to Check Airtel Phone Number Using 2021

The Airtel USSD code for checking phone number is *121#. Quickly dial the code from the phone you want to check its number then select Manage My Account and choose My Number. A pop up will come up with your number displayed on it. This can be done from any mobile phone device be it Android or iOS as long as there’s network coverage. Also, the service is completely free.

How to check MTN Phone Number

To quickly check your MTN phone number, simply dial the shortcode, *123*1*1#. A display message will pop up with your phone number on it. Also, an SMS will be sent to you containing the request mobile number.

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Alternately, you can check MTN via the USSD code menu, dial *123# then select Account Info and choose My Number to get it displayed.

Code to Check Glo Phone Number

The code to Check Glo phone is
*135*8#. quickly the code from the phone you want to know its number and wait for few seconds. A notification will be sent to you containing your Glo phone number instantly. This service is completely free.

Code to Check 9mobile Number

to quickly check your phone on 9mobile, simply dial *248# and your number will be displayed to you instantly. This code must be dialled from the SIM you wanted to check its number.

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Other ways to check your phone number

1. By Making a call to Another number

Another easy way to check your mobile number is to make to another number ask them to send you back the number used in making the call. However, this will cost you airtime but it’s available on all networks. In any case, your phone number needs to be active such that you can make mobile activities.

2. Using your network provider Mobile App

This method is useful for smartphone users only

  • Download the mobile application from the play store for Android and on Apple Store for iOS devices.
  • The Applications is MyMTNApp for MTN line, MyAirtel App for Airtel network, Glo Cafe for Globacom and my9mobile App for 9mobile line respectively.
  • Launch the App and sign up with your correct details
  • Login to the App and your phone number will be available on the navigations or menu.

However, this method could be more useful if the case that you have access to the app prior to when you are in the of your phone number because your mobile number could be part of the required sign up details.

3. Calling customer care

  • You can also get a phone number through the customer care call centre. simply call 180 for MTN, 111 for Airtel, 200 for and 121 for Glo.
  • Follow the voice command to navigate to the desired category or processed to speak to a customer care agent.
  • Ask for your phone number and it will be provided for you.

In the case of Glo, you can also check your number via voice call directly. Simply call 1244 and follow the voice prompt.


With this piece of guide, it is evident that you easily retrieve your phone number any time you need it. Since prevention is said to be better than cure, it is advisable to try and have all your phone numbers off-hand or save it as a contact on your phone for easy retrieval.

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